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approaching a century of excellence and reputation

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hju today is a very successful and well-known trading organization in china and se asia with a professional sales force and a reputation for reliability and honesty. service departments have been set up in all offices to make certain that "what we sell will operate well".


our customers like to trade with hju, knowing that they will receive high-quality original products at fair prices, whilst our principals appreciate that we provide them excellent points-of-sale for their products, mostly from local stocks .

any supplier who joins with hju will soon realize that they are involved with a great number of qualified and reliable people who are close to their customers and respected by them for their knowledge, diligence and honesty and reliability.

on april 11,2019, the hju shanghai office moved into the new premises, a 4 floors entire building, integrates with the 1000 sqm warehouse, 1000 sqm laboratory & customer service center, 2000 sqm office area.