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danilee co., llc

danilee co., llc

for over 70 years the sutherland® 2000™ rub tester has been recognized as the industry standard for testing abrasion resistance of numerous products, as our machine wrote the astm d5264 - 98(2019) and tappi t-830. danilee co., llc first became involved in 1986 and later acquired all rights to the instrument and the name sutherland®.

in keeping pace with today's technology, the sutherland® 2000™ rub tester now offers four (4) speeds allowing the customer even greater flexibility. danilee co., llc is proud of its reputation to provide a great quality product and make customer satisfaction number one.
danilee co., llc has clients in north america, central & south america, australia, asia, and europe. shipment can be direct or have one of our numerous distributors handle the equipment. great service to large scale manufacturers and smaller start-up firms is the priority.

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