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rk print coat instrments ltd

rk print coat instrments ltd

rk specialises in the design and manufacture of equipment used to produce repeatable samples of most surface coatings. these may then be used for quality control and presentation purposes, research and development and computer colour matching data, elements vital to a companys’ success in the modern world.

the major industrial users of rk equipment include printing ink and paint manufacturers, pigment, resin and dyestuff suppliers and manufacturers of textiles, adhesives, papers, films, foils and medical and pharmaceutical products.

our history

rk print coat instruments ltd is a family run business with a staff of 30, and has a long history of involvement with ink manufacturing and other surface coating industries. the company was founded in 1962 by roman kerchiss who had spent 30 years working in the surface coating industry. today rk is run and managed by his son tom kerchiss from a purpose built factory about one hour north of london, near cambridge.

rk equipment and supplies are exported worldwide to printing ink manufactures, printers, converters and other businesses with colour communication devices for all the major print disciplines.

we are proud to have been awarded an innovator in pre-press award for the flexiproof 100.

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