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precision gage & tool co.

precision gage & tool co.

fineness of grind gauges & physical test equipment

the fineness of grind gauge is an easy to use, relatively inexpensive production and quality control instrument that enables the manufacturer to check for unwanted agglomerates as well as particles that are too large. fineness of grind gages and scrapers are consumable products and need to be refinished or replaced when they show visible damage to the gauging surface or readings become suspect.

hegman, micron, mils and npiri are common scales on fineness of grind gauges, wedge plates and printing plates. p.c. scale or the n.s. scale (in 1968 pg&t changed n.s. to h for hegman) are sometimes used on older gauges.

high accuracy grind gauge and railroad gauge manufacturing

fineness of grind gauge or hegman gaugehere at precision gage & tool, we specialize in fineness of grind gauges and railroad gauges, however, our line of products and services also include a wide selection of aar rule 1 railroad gauges,  rare and hard to find air to electronic gauges and of course the finest custom gages available. we are continuously expanding our lines of products and our services to meet our customer needs.

long form certification is available at an additional cost for grind gauges and scrapers but is almost always included free when you purchase your grind gage online through our website.

railroad gauges and grind gauge manufacturer

the early days of grind gage and film applicators

since our beginnings in 1929, precision gage & tool co. has maintained a leadership role in the manufacture of high-accuracy fineness of grind gauges and film applicators for the worldwide ink and paint industries. over the years, pg&t has added to its capabilities with a line of specialized gauging equipment for the railroad industry, and a wide variety of custom  grind gauges. in 1998, precision gage & tool acquired the complete line of world-renowned sheffield gauges, including precisionaire®, micronaire® and related air gauge tooling and accessories. in addition, pg&t has added the p-400 metrology interface to it’s line of air gauging products.

precision gage & tool co has created thousands of custom grind gauges since 1932 for customers in various industries. please contact pg&t and we will be glad to assist you in determining which type of gauge is best for you.

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